Appreciating Unheard Prayers

'What' & 'At What Time'

We humans are really funny. You know why because we pray to God for our whims and fancies. Is God obliged to fulfil all our whims and fancies? Not knowing what God is all about, we drag God for silly reasons. Also tend to make him responsible for no reasons. The selfish nature of we humans have gone to such level that even God is not spared. The simplest example is that while at church or temple while offering prayers, we don't want to share candles, flowers or incense sticks with outsiders other than the family members. I have seen this and laughed at heart. At God's place where everybody is equal, we differentiate. This is us. The so called HUMAN.

Now let's come down to the prayer side. How many of us pray daily for remembering the almighty, forget about praying for others? Hmmm! I hope you don't get mummed. Let's not get serious.

I believe we all have some moral values. But it's our selfish nature that most of the time manifests and even before God. We pray to God for silly things, tangible things, in comparison with other, even while cooking "Oh God please make the dish tasty" and what not? Remember yours.

I have seen people begging to God for silly reason. I wonder what's in their mind, "A Genie?" up in the sky who owes all our whims and fancies. Crazy! I must say. Really sometimes I pity God for people's reckless prayers for silly things like anything. I wonder why don't God change their nature and stop the whole process. May be, because, God finds some amusement in all these. Or may be God wants us to go to him for everything even if we don't get what we are asking for. I really don't understand why people drag God for silly reasons.

There are some serious issues in life that are definitely dealt with seriously and are also prayed for seriously. Praying to God for serious issues makes sense and I have also seen people praying to God for serious reasons.

Seeing all these, one thing can be concluded there's someone above us.

I'm saying this because I'm a theist and believe that it's God's prerogative to decide when to make our prayers come true – at that moment itself or at some delayed time. It's God as we all address to who decides our priorities for us. "What" and at "What Time". When the time comes, things falls in its order, into their respective places and we get what that we really deserve in life, all that we were longing for.

On a serious note, I believe prayers should be unconditional and absolute submission to God or Guru whoever it is. He who knows everything need not be told. I have the faith that God is there with me no matter what his answers are. I prefer to sit quietly for some time, anywhere and think about him, talk to him or pray to him. Whatever you call it.

Trust me, if you had kept a journal of your prayers, then you could realise how many prayers of yours were heard and at what time and that the unanswered prayers must have some genuine reasons and deserves your appreciation because it has made you stronger mentally, more rational, more wise, and all the more pervasive and had fetched you that you really deserve although delayed.

The problem is that people pray to God not knowing what they really want. It's very natural to question God when you are deeply frustrated. "Why me?" "Why don't you listen to me?" are some questions that come in our mind. But we seldom thank God from the core of our heart. When was the last time God did not listen to your prayer and you appreciated Him for that? It is said that when all doors get closed, the door of God opens. But, when God closes his door, as you feel so at times, "What comes next?" "Did you ever think about it?"

Let's say you desperately need a bus to reach to your destination and you pray to God that you get a bus but you missed it. It makes you down and frustrated. And then after sometime to come to know that the bus you missed met an accident. The very next moment your feelings change and thank God for being safe. You see God has better plan for you. The fact of the matter is that often we pray to God only for personal selfish needs and that too irrationally without thinking twice about it.

I've spent so much time trying to make things work. The sense of helplessness and dissatisfaction cannot be expressed into words. Out of desperation more mistakes were committed. The head banging period of life is the greatest teacher for me and is really tough for everyone I suppose.

But despite of all the dark phases in life, I never questioned God, never asked him for anything. It did not come to my mind. I don't know why. Whenever I bow before the God, I just say "Take Care" it's neither personal nor as a whole. It's upto the God to decide. I praise the Guru. And that's it. This is simply because I feel that God knows everything and doesn't need to be told. My only definition of prayer is faith, absolute unconditional faith.

I'm not in the position to advice anything. I'm too small for that. All I know is we are all made for "Something" and that "Something" in life will eventually come if we keep cool and work hard. No prayers are unanswered it's just the time that changes the whole scenario and makes favourable for us.

Let Destiny Decide "What" and "At What Time"