Who To Decide What Is What
(Necessity or Luxury)

This question comes to my mind every time I find that the price of products shy rocketing. I find it very annoying when I see someone else deciding for me 'What is what' - necessity or luxury. Am I to decide what is necessity for you? and what is luxury? Why can't we have products and its taxes segregation based on its price range? The lower price range products be treated as necessity and be taxed less and the ascending order be followed and this be applicable for every product. But why am I saying this? Have I gone out of my mind? No, absolutely not. The fact of the matter is that great number of population belongs to a financial category that are though qualified but are earning just enough to run 20 days of a month and the next 10 days needs to be somehow managed. And this has become a feature for years.

A 50 inch Television Set to be treated as luxury and not 24 inch Television Set. For some community, gold is a must have during marriage as such a minimum quantity of gold purchase be treated as necessity and not luxury. Similarly, a small car within the price range of say 4 to 5 lakhs is to be treated as necessity and not luxury. Now if the taxation be based and segregated on necessity and luxury, it would make life for the common mass a bit more convenient. Can't we have such formulation of policies? Is it really impossible? I'm not talking of govt - subsidy, rebate, car loan or quality compromise? I feel that the common peoples' pockets are getting squeezed. I'm sorry if I'm being harsh but the fact is that for common people, the so called definition of necessity and luxury make difference, a huge difference indeed. I'm not advocating biasness and I'm against nothing but it's something that needs to be thought about.

There's something called 'Ground Reality' that needs serious consideration but the question is who is to do that? And how? I know that some readers might find me weird but seriously yesterday's luxuries has become today's necessity but I suppose the earnings of common people are not compatible with regard to the economy. As such people opting for alternatives and those who have no alternatives are living on the edge with no financial cushion for crises or contingencies, forget about financial planning. I call it a "Financial Cross Road". No matter in which direction you and I go, it's all the same, empty handed days before the end of the month.

I presume people in general are all into financial cross road, all confused and persistently trying to find a way out. The money in the hand is not sufficient. Even when I'm writing this, I'm laughing (at myself) thinking what am I writing? But honestly common people have a different definition of luxury. I also know that I might sound absurd in context with policy and methodology of financial planning and taxation policy but I honestly think that the only way out is to define what is what (Necessity or luxuries). If this can be done with a noble intension, the sales figures of many products will definitely increase and also for millions of common people, the problem of financial crossword can be solved to a great extent. But for this overhauling of the entire system has to be done which is next to impossible.

When I say place of worship, I don't mean constructed building, well decorated. I believe there is no necessity as such. A place of worship may be any place. Just a clean isolated place where you can just be yourself, concentrate your mind pinpoint. Even when we sit in such a place, our concentrate gets diverted from god and dwells in materialistic affairs. See our concentration power, how our mindset is. In this context, how can we not say that we really don't need a place of worship?

I honestly accept that I need a place of worship because my mindset is a materialistic one and dwells in worldly affairs. So much so that even though I have a place of worship at home, sometime I don't have time to sit before the altar or at times don't feel like doing so and interestingly to justify myself, I make lame excuses to myself. Somehow I just don't feel like doing so. Although I adore god and surrender before him also sometime I feel like reading holy books. But now, I'm trying to change my habit and I hope that eventually I'll change but I do need a place of worship or isolation where I can concentrate on god. This is because I'm a family man with needs and demands to meet in time. See again making lame excuse.

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