"Why Should
I Be Left Alone?"

There is no manual for a happy married life nor can any strategy be formulated. But that does not mean that marriages should be discouraged. We live in healthy social surroundings only because of successful marriages and their good or great offspring.

Normally people do things that they see other people are doing. We want what others have. That's a human psychology. And it's still there and will be there forever. But does this mean that we need to get married mandatorily. No, not all. Many people think that something magical happens when we get married. Life starts to move in the right track. But the reverse is also true for problems do arrive after getting married. If there is no respect for one another, marriage will not thrive. Marriage is a long term commitment that needs to be upheld. It's always better to be alone if you genuinely don't trust, love and respect one another.

Again people get married to prove something that they really don't know and get stuck asking themselves "Was it worth?"

Most of time marriages fail because they know why they married. The blame game starts between the couple and then in this busy life with very little or no patience, end up in divorce and the child'slife for no reason and with no faults stands nowhere. This is awful and insane.

Marriage should be an exciting option and not an obligation. Wedlock, an unconditional union of being soulmates following all rituals and customs without any religious discrimination. At life we come across our opposite (He/She), spend great time; share everything, known each other very well. But then, when time comes to get married moved away from each other. Reason unknown. Probably not ready for getting married.

Again, we find many couple getting married after knowing each other for many years. And then few months after getting married, the social institution boils down as an obligation. Reason I believe is that they knew each other for too longer a period and all the sweetness of the relationship erased off before getting married. Getting married and living under one roof is a different story altogether. A person should get married at the right age only because of the fact that at mid age we don't tend to bend (compromise). The mental setup gets different.

Again we also find couples getting successfully married after knowing each for very short time. This is because they know what they did. Their married life has both sweet and bitter taste. They are embracing the moments of life good or bad. Their marriage was a conscious rational decision. When two person lives together, differences of opinion is inevitable and that's natural. Healthy argument is always a sign of successful marriage. If one yells and other keeps calm and vice versa. It's a sign of healthy relationship.

Marriages are found to break on financial crunches. Either of the two could not sustain the hard times and broke off. It's ok if there is a genuine reason to it. But if the financial crunch is due to the extravagant expenditure of either of the two, then the reason is again the mental setup. The non-compromising attitude. Either of the couple earning and both earning should be judged and understood. Sometimes compromise on expenses should also be made and accepted gracefully. Again the key is on the mental setup.

Again, if both the minds go in the same direction and share similar values and views than there is a good reason to get married otherwise friction is evitable.

Marriage should be anti-depressant. A good healthy company is always soothing to heart and mind. When people get married, their mental health improves substantially. When people get divorced, they often suffer emotionally. Kids of successful marriages are more joyful and very well nurtured and as such the chances of doing better in life are more.

The fact of the matter is that we all need a healthy partner in life whom we can trust, respect, be proud of, whom we can lean on in need. A person who can sail through the time of both distress and prosperity gracefully with the same smile in the face.

Having said these, there is no denying of the fact that life itself is a dictionary wherein we individually write down the different aspects of life differently with different meanings. It's really difficult to find two life dictionaries with relatively same meaning. It might also be a question of destiny.

"Its All About submission."
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