Is There Any End To It?

Life itself is a blend of worries. Isn't it? Right from our childhood, we are taught to worry. Don't agree? I'll tell you how. Remember our parents used to tell us, "Your exams are approaching" "Go sit with your books" "Don't you worry about your results" remember now. That was the beginning of our worries in life. Gradually, the intensity of our worries gets more intense with age and the subject also changes.

Now the question is "Is there any end to worries?" I think "No". There is hardly any end to it. Life and worries are two sides of the same coin. But yes, there is something that can be done. The option of choosing the subject of worry is in our hand. Why worry about something that is not in our reach? It's a waste of time and energy, might also cost your life.

Then what do I do? Is a common question in mind? Let's get into the subject of worry. If clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder, there are medical titbits which I don't want to get into.

I think there's a thin line of difference between worrying and thinking. Worrying is primarily focused only on the problem itself and not figuring out the solution and where chances of everything getting wrong are more. Worrying is normally related with something that is beyond our reach. While, thinking is generally focused in figuring out a solution to a problem.

Life, under normal circumstances is a blend of worries. We tend to worry about our children's future, worry about our financial crunch, and so on. I feel it's good to some extent and I repeat ONLY TO SOME EXTENT as it makes us more concerned and thoughtful. But, not at the cost of health. Otherwise, our worries would lead us to nowhere.

Life itself is such that, you won't be wrong if you say that worries are the spice of life. If you don't have worries, you would find a bland taste of life. With worries comes everyday challenge that triggers us to work, motivates us, infuses the zeal into our mind and might also nourish our thought process. I'm talking of the positive side of worries. There's also a flipside which is not so positive; or you can say the darker side.

The negative side of worries are such that it makes us focus on the problem itself and not on figuring out a solution to the problem. It makes us bid around the bushes. The persistent focus on the problem itself gives us a reeling mind and takes us to nowhere. In worst case scenario it may even risk our life.

I know that it is impossible for us to stop worrying. In this world where our life is so fast and hectic full of worries, anxieties has become a part and parcel of life, Then a question arise "What is the best thing that we can do?"

I think the best way to avoid too much of anxiety is keep our self diverted from worrying. I know it's tough but there has to be a way out. Exercises, yoga classes, meditation etc definitely helps but demand regularity and needs to be done religiously. Also, it's tough to maintain such routine in this busy life.

I believe the best thing that can be done is to infuse into our daily routine exercise like morning walk, a bit of meditation and of course mindfulness. We need to understand that the flipside of life is ... life itself. And if this is true and we should strive to figure out a solution. Every problem comes with a solution, the thing is we need to recognise it and sort it out.

For Me The End Of Worries Is Death
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