The Essence Of Life Is
... Life Itself

Busy bee mind get thousands of thoughts everyday. The buzzing thoughts shows that we are alive, thinking and questioning.

You know what, trying not to think and worry will make you do the same.

Anxiety thy name is 'Life' and respites thy name is 'Death'.

So what do we do?

No! I'm not advocating the darker side of life nor am I amplifying death. Neither am I trying to teach you some magic to escape tensions and anxieties of life. It's impossible.

The fact of the matter is that we are trapped in between anxiety and respite - And this is "LIFE".

The Essence Of Life Is ... LIFE ITSELF

I believe that because I have tasted hot, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, I know what's what. And I believe life itself is a mixture of all these.

So calm down, think twice, try to filter your thoughts and insights. Under any circumstance don't lose your brain. Mindfulness is the only solution. It makes us oriented to the "Present Moment"


In life, we tend to prioritizes things irrationally being carried away emotionally. That's basic human nature I belief. Although, it makes us happy momentarily but in the long run sometime proves to be a drastic decision. Also, meditation is not a cup of tea for everyone. Not for me at least. But we all have brain and we can use it rationally. Calm down, take a sip of tea or coffee and think. Beforehand ask yourself few questions-

  1. Why I'm Worried to worry?
  2. What went wrong?
  3. Why is this happening?
  4. So what if it happens?
  5. It's you and I who make the society. Isn't it?
  6. Is it within my control?
  7. Can I manage it? How?
  8. Do I deserve the thing that I'm running after?
  9. Can I not live without it? And the infinite (depending upon the situation)

These random questions triggers my thoughts. And trust me most of the time I do find some solution. Right now as I'm writing this article during this pandemic lockdown period, I was tensed because my laptop hinge broke. But, I found a solution to it.

Now my laptop has become desktop in the sense; I don't fold it or can't fold it. Although it's a temporary solution but I'm calm and relaxed at least I can weave my random thoughts into alphabets virtually.

You know what; "There's a solution to everything" And if there is not, then it's not in your control. So, why sabotage the happier present moment?

Life on the flipside is ... LIFE ITSELF
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