Mind Scoop

Persistence (Tenacity):

If we have to have the tenacity to figure out new ways to make a bold decision, we also have to have the persistence for pestering that reason.

Noise (Difference):

Making noise will not get our voice heard; it is the difference that makes the difference.

Sold (Bought):

We tend to forget that when we are selling a product, we also simultaneously buying something, customers faith and trust on the product. Both require four things – patience, budget, schedule, and commitment. Don’t get confused, make sure if your product is bought or sold.

Scarce (Management):

Wondering about scarce resources will help to figure out how to manage with less of it. Hence primarily, we need to know what’s scarce.

The Difference Is Success Not Intent:

When a person fails to seal a deal gets into intense pressure. But if succeeds in selling, makes a mark. The difference is not intent but success.

The Only Real Help:

The gesture of help helps to take you to a point. The only real help is self help that helps you to help your inner self change.

The choice is “Simple”:

Complication is hardly a preferred choice of most; the simple is just simply preferred.

When 'I' is ‘He’:

The day we start to feel and accept that it is ‘He’ not ‘I’, God becomes the only ‘Doer’.

Mind Stuff [One more stuff? (Just one)]

It's the one more stuff; just one, that keeps us alive, our mind ticking.

Mind Hunger:

The hunger of knowledge, intellectual and adaptability to new ideas and concepts are some signs of mind hunger.

Hammer Mind:

A person with a hammer in mind looks every problem like a nail. The question is what sort of mind do you have?

Lottery in Mind:

Once a person wins a lottery, continues to think about lottery and buys lottery. This gives unhappy mind in the long run.

Blog (Destination or Journey):

Starting a blog is not a destination; it's a journey, blog posts that goes on and on.... It's all about Next!

Thought (Tattooed):

A thought hard thought is tattooed forever and is largely irreversible.

Learning (Mistakes):

Make mistakes, confess, learn a lesson and rectify your mistake, fix that didn't work and move ahead.

No one but yourself:

Measure yourself against none but yourself. This will help you to know who you were yesterday or the day before.

A bit less helps:

Spend a bit less than you earn, this will ease your life a bit.

You Matter:

When your presence matter

When your absence matter

When your teachings matter

When your words are not considered noise.

When a needy eagerly wait for you

When other think of you or talk about you

When your family wants to be with you

When you raise the bar

When you are not be found anymore but still searched for.

Noise Everywhere:

When people want to listen to you and when your words matters, only than you can be sure that you are NOT adding to the noise.

Spread Thoughts:

I spread thoughts because I believe it’s the only way we can filter our mind stuff.

Even I’m:

Sensitive to cold and heat

Not unresponsive to the feeling of blue


Thinking about myself

Busy with my mind stuff

In a hurry

Not sure about my future

Afraid of financial crunch

Worried about being left alone

Afraid to die

Just another person

Not a saint but

Living life.

It’s True (Sadly):

Life has become a race

People belittle other to make them feel significant

To escape our responsibility, we start blame game

Legislations are enacted to make human humane

We have thousands for ourself, but hardly a penny for the needy

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