A Second "Me"
Sujan Deb


I am, just a normal another guy with nothing special. Living a simple normal life with two daughters Srishti and Mrinmita and my better half Mitali.

Haflong is where I am raised and I am proud to be from Dima Hasao, Assam, India and feel fortunate to be around with some great friends and people.

What make me different from the rest are my thoughts and emotions with no space for pride in life, that I can't lie myself and live with a different meaning of God. I am guided by some core values in life and I stick to it. I try not to do something that I cannot justify. I have a thinking mind with a different perspective of life. A friend of mine called me out of this world. I believe that life itself is a dictionary wherein we individually write different meanings of the aspects of life differently and I strongly believe that I can only be happy if the world around me is happy. And that's what made me launch this blog Virtual Alphabets. I like random writing in this blog about nothing specific; I weave thoughts, topics, insights and ideas that come to mind into alphabet to manifest it virtually. The only purpose of this is blog is questioning myself and finding answers for anything and everything that really makes sense and touches human life and this teaches me and I sincerely hope to make life a meaningful one. I intent to touch every single aspect of life. Let's see how far my random writing can reach. It's an interesting journey, with no destination; let's see how long we can move together.

Daily, after my bread earning job and spending quality family time what little time remains I usually spent writing for my two websites virtualalphabets.com and commercepapers.com

So This Is Me. Just Trying To Be Myself In My Virtual Space.

Take Me As You Please.