Sharing Makes Sense

I 'm not such a great writer that readers will copy my contents nor are readers fool to cut and paste the contents as it is in their blog or however they like. Then why do I protect and what do I protect, "My Thoughts and Insights!" that I'm sharing in the public domain. No! don't get me wrong, I'm not against the idea of copyright nor am I amplifying uncopyright.

I believe that thoughts and insights need to be shared so that you and I learn from it. And I think that copyright is basically meant for financial incentives from the use of creative works. The "Articles" in the blog that is released in public domain for you is for free and open access for sharing and money comes second. Then why would I need exclusive right? Instead I prefer to waive it all. I am not a great fan of copyrights for blogs. Rather I would love to see my works evolve in one way or other. I weave my mind, thoughts and insights into alphabets virtually. I'm doing it because I feel like sharing. I try to write my mind and I don't fear piracy or that my works will not be valued. It's rather a virtual reflection to the readers. Yes I have invested my time, energy and money in this blog but I believe that copyright cannot prevent the use of a practical system. It is a neutral factor for me.

There is no compulsion to text me or mail me for permission - you are free to use my content. Your acknowledgment will definitely be appreciated but it's not mandatory. It would be a wonderful feeling to see my thoughts and insights spreading to people beyond my reach.

Moreover, when we Google a topic, long list of pages comes up from different writers with their own way of expression and meaning. This difference helps us in our quest. And Google knows what's what.

So, no worries for me. When it's free, I call it sharing and not stealing or whatever.

It's Uncopyright - Sharing Makes Sense