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A Virtual Reality

The world that we live in is increasingly becoming a virtual reality. The pages of books and texts have taken the shape of Websites and Blogs and that too has to be mobile friendly as studies show that more users are surfing the web via mobiles. So, it is inevitable that a website or a Blog has to be responsive and mobile optimised which can be easily viewed and operated across multiple devices and platforms.

So, if you wish to have a website, we will design and develop a responsive website that will be mobile-friendly.

At Virtual Alphabets, we work with a passion and don't dig deep into your pocket. A clean website with clarity is what we make with a small budget.

Although you have numerous choices as the cloud is full of web designers and developers but there's something that gives us the edge:

  1. We deliver unmatched services and cost effective.
  2. Our prime objective is to deliver quality responsive website design and development with satisfactory results and no disappointment.
  3. A thoughtful logo and favicon of your choice with will be incorporated into the website.
  4. Up to 4 unique contents pages free excluding index, terms, disclaimer and contact pages at just Rs. 1600.00
  5. Additional pages Rs. 200 per page.
  6. Personalized email addresses.
  7. Social Media Integration: Facebook Like Box, Like Button, Share Button and Tweet to help you get more social engagement.
  8. Google submission for fetching of website, analytics and SEO enhancement.
  9. Testing and Quality Control.
  10. Last but not the least; we will keep on listening to your needs and request until and unless you are fully satisfied with our work. And that's a promise
  11. Webmaster tool setup

Tell us your idea

And we can manifest it together!

You simply won't find another vendor that can match our value proposition

Makes sense, right?

I am a self-taught Web Developer having experience of more than 8 years. Initially, after completing my graduation (B. Com), I started taking tuitions at home not only to make money but also to assure that my knowledge in accounting and other commerce papers don't fade away with time. I felt that I should preserve my notes. So I started making soft copies of my notes. One day while typing the notes, an idea clicked my mind. "Why not have a website of my own". At first I approached some developers but there tantrums were very frustrating. So I started to learn searching Google and gradually, bit by bit; developed my own website. It took me years to learn the skill on trial and error basis. Today I am a proud owner of Commerce Papers where aspirants can learn accounting practical on their own. I am of the opinion that although images make a website attractive but also affects the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using large image penalizes your website as it takes too long to load. So it is always better to use minimum image.

Maybe you are thinking on this question "Do I really need a website?" Yes, you do and I will tell you why. Having a personal website gives you leverage to promote your content thereby showcasing your work.

Having a personal website gives you a platform to connect with the world. Having a personal website helps you to add value to people by sharing your knowledge. Your online content that people consume will influence them. May be you have an edge in cooking so let people know the taste of something different some unique recipe, or tell unique story altogether, again you may be a very good teacher, share your knowledge with the rest of the world. You have all good reasons in the world to make your presence in the web.

Yes I agree that we have Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter accounts etc. and you can promote your work there. But that would not be your asset. These are social media accounts and you may have that. But having a personal website or a blog is a virtual asset. Billions of people searches on Google every day. That's because people are looking for solutions to their problems.

Weave your alphabets virtually
and make your presence on the web.
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